If I Should Die


Amy has finished writing the first draft of D4M3!
I'm done! I'm done! The first draft of D4M3 is finished. Which means the real work now begins. Because it is SUPER rough. But for now - WOO HOO!!! I'm going for a jog so my brain won't explode. Oh wait, first I have to jump around the room. *jumps* *jumps more*
Taken from her Official Facebook account.

Scoping this location for D4M3! (had already written it in, but forgot what it looked like!) #Paris #amwriting http://twitpic.com/6r1c7m

Taken from her Official Twitter account.

Another site study for D4M3: the ruins of the Roman arena Lutece, in the middle of Paris. Hmm. I wonder what could happen there? At night?
Taken from her Official Facebook account.


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