Lucien Philippe Henri Poitevin

Name: Lucien Philippe Henri Poitevin
Born: January 7, 1913
Died: June 28, 1944 (Paris) at 31.
Hair: Blond, swept back in waves.
Eyes: Brown and crystalline like frozen butterscotch.
Other vitals: Chiseled cheekbones, broad shoulders, massive presence. At least 6'7”.
Head of the Paris numa. Owns clubs and restaurants.
Preferred weapon: sword.
Back story: 256-259

“I wouldn't say this if I wasn't a hundred percent sure of myself, but Lucien Poitevin doesn't deserve to stand in the same room as you, Georgia, much less be counted among your friends.” (DIE FOR ME)


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Where's Gaspard? Don't tell you forgot about him. lol :)

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