Amrbose Bates

Name: Ambrose Bates

Born: March 15, 1922 in Oxford, Mississippi

Died: you’ll find out in Book 3, but he is eternally 22

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Other vitals: Very muscular, 6'5”, very low baritone voice

Defining characteristics: Has nicknames for everyone: Kate “Katie-Lou”. Calls Jean-Baptiste “JB”. Calls Vincent “Vin”.

Hobbies: Plays trumpet, loves jazz, is a movie buff (had JB build the home cinema), bodybuilding.

Preferred weapon: Battle axe.

Back story: p. 222

Quote: “Kate, enchanted to meet you. I'm Ambrose,” he said in a baritone voice that was as thick as molasses. Then, switching into a perfectly American-accented English, he said, “Ambrose Bate from Oxford, Mississippi. It's nice to meet a fellow countryman in this land of crazy French people!” (DIE FOR ME)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I'm not too sure Ambrose would look like that? huh.

Anonymous said...

agree with you

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