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Revenants Central is a fansite created specifically for the fans of Amy Plum and Die For Me. This was made out of love of Amy and is no way run by her and her publishers. It is merely a fan site created to discuss about Amy Plum and her upcoming book/s.

If you have comments/suggestions/inquiries and such contact us at
teamrevenants AT gmail DOT com

Revenants Central is run by two awesome bloggers and these are:
Hi my name is Jayjay, I'm a Filipino Book Blogger who co runs We Fancy Books. Currently studying and is taking up my Thesis. Hoping to graduate... very much soon. I love reading books and loves talking about it. I'm a big fan of The Mortal Instruments, The Iron Fey and Revenants Series. I started reading and being active in the blogging community late this year (2011).

My name is Dea and I’m 16 years old. I’ve been blogging about books on Teen Readers’ Diary since May this year. I began reading YA books in 2008 and my two older brothers think I have no life for always reading when I’m home.  Now I’m a college Freshie and I aspire to be an author and journalist someday. My favorite genres include Dystopia, Contemporary, and Paranormal while some of my favorite authors are Suzanne Collins, Cassie Clare, Melina Marchetta, Patrick Ness, and of course, the one and only Amy Plum.


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