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Revenants Week Tour Updates!



Name: Ambrose Bates

Born: March 15, 1922 in Oxford, Mississippi

Died: you’ll find out in Book 3, but he is eternally 22

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Other vitals: Very muscular, 6'5”, very low baritone voice

Defining characteristics: Has nicknames for everyone: Kate “Katie-Lou”. Calls Jean-Baptiste “JB”. Calls Vincent “Vin”.

Hobbies: Plays trumpet, loves jazz, is a movie buff (had JB build the home cinema), bodybuilding.

Preferred weapon: Battle axe.

Back story: p. 222

Quote: “Kate, enchanted to meet you. I'm Ambrose,” he said in a baritone voice that was as thick as molasses. Then, switching into a perfectly American-accented English, he said, “Ambrose Bate from Oxford, Mississippi. It's nice to meet a fellow countryman in this land of crazy French people!” (DIE FOR ME)


Name: Vincent Pierre Henri Delacroix

Born: June 12, 1924 in Brittany

Died: 1942 while in the Maquis at age 18 (In DIE FOR ME, UNTIL I DIE and Book 3 he is 19.)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Other vitals: Olive skin, 6'2”


Speaks French, English, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish. Has a law degree. Drives a red vintage Vespa.

Hobbies: Art, reading, cinema, fight training. Is interested in ancient and antique weaponry.

Preferred weapon: Sword

Has a law degree.

Back story: “First: my story. I was born in 1924, as I told you, in a little town in Brittany. Our town was occupied soon after the Germans invaded in 1940. We didn’t even try to fight them off. We didn’t have the weapons, and it all happened too quickly to prepare a defense….” To find out more, check out pp. 219-221 in Die for Me

Quote: Let's just say that I'm not the kind of guy your mother would want you hanging around with. (DIE FOR ME)

Head over to Fiktshun for a Giveaway of Until I Die!

Today was supposed to be Jules' Character Profile Reveal!
But I the person who was supposed to post it bailed or rather didn't post it.
If I'm not able to find a blogger who could post it then ill post it here!

Make sure you watch this spot if you love Jules! :) 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Revenants Week starts today!


We kick off the first week with a Character Profile Reveal of one our favorite Revenants!

Head over to Moirae (the fates) Book Reviews to know more about

We still have 8 characters left to be revealed on the tour! I know you're waiting for Vincent so I suggest you drop by @ Fiktshun tomorrow to know more about him!

Watch out for more Character Profile Reveal to know more about your favorite Revenant Characters!

I suggest you wait for Jules because he's just drool worthy!

Meanwhile on a more exciting news Kirkus reviews Until I Die!

Here's a post made by Amy on her Facebook page
Okay, the review I was so excited about was posted last night: Kirkus. Yes. Kirkus gave me a good review. THE Kirkus. The guys who made fun of Vincent's abs in their review of D4M, Book 1. (I mean, how dare they? He can't help having rock-hard stomach muscles!!) :)

But with UNTIL I DIE, they actually were pretty complimentary. And "pretty complimentary" for Kirkus is basically the equivalent of a marriage proposal from anyone else. So...HURRAY!!!!!

The thing is...I only saw the pre-publication review, which I can't show you because it possibly changed before it was posted last night. And, until 2 weeks before the book's release, Kirkus's reviews are subscription only. So if anyone out there is a librarian or is in publishing and has a subscription to Kirkus, send me the review and I will post it for everyone! WOO HOO!!! *wipes sweat from brow*

I know that Amy has been posting about this review and I'm glad to know that Kirkus find Until I Die pretty good. You guys need to read the sequel! If Kirkus has good things to say about Until I Die I'm 100% sure that you guys will LOVE every minute of it!

credits to Rachel @ Fiktshun for the banner

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Amy Plum!

Today we celebrate a wonderful occasion! It's the birthday of our beloved author Amy Plum. So I did a little research (Big Thanks to Google) I found out how to say Happy Birthday in French! Lets all greet Amy a Joyeux Anniversaire!

Joyeux Anniversaire! Joyeux Anniversaire!
Joyeux Anniversaaaaaire! Amy Joyeux Anniversaiiiire!

and in the occasion I gathered some of Die For Me fans to make this celebration spectacular!

 Jena @ Shortie Says
 Can you see what she's pointing at? it says To Catch a Revenant (plan)
I hope she doesn't plan to catch Vincent from Kate ;)

I totally loved DIE FOR ME! It's refreshing and unique and oh-so-romantic. Seriously, I'm not a zombie-lover BUT what can I do? I love the Revenants! And yeah, I'm a fan! So what does a successful, remarkable and best selling author wants for her birthday? I hope we know… and maybe we can be your genies or something :) Happy birthday and God bless you more in many ways!
- April @ Books4Juliet

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, I decided to take five to make up for this short birthday message. Happy, happy birthday Amy Plum! Thank you so much for creating Kate, Vincent, the whole world of Revenants, and most of all for existing. XOXO from the Philippines!
P.S. Please excuse my lack of artistic skills.
- Dea @ Teen Readers Diary

I was so shy that's why I'm covering my face haha Happy Birthday Amy! I bring you my virtual present, Macaroons! I know you love them so I'm sending them to you errm pictures for now :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Revenant Central is here!


With the opening of the site I think you're probably asking yourself what is this site for? I hope you find time to read a little story. I wish to share you the reason of creating this fansite.
Have you ever experienced rereading a book that you totally love soon after finishing it the first time? I guess it happened the moment I read Die For Me. I was talking about the book with my classmate and constantly thought about it for a long time. I had the sudden urge to read more of the story that Amy Plum created. It felt like I was meant to read this book and pledge to love it Until I Die. I think what I like most about the whole story is that it's just unique and extraordinary. The story of Kate and Vincent has got to be one of the most romantic and sweetest love story I've ever read. And mind you, I was really obsessing about Vincent.
With that I had the idea of doing a fansite, a fansite dedicated to Amy and her book/s. I wanted to create a site to discuss about Amy Plum and the Revenants. I want to share to the whole world the story of Kate, Vincent and the Revenants and how awesome Amy Plum is as a writer. 

Follow us on Twitter @RevenantCentral


Revenant Week is a Promotional Blog Tour for Amy Plum and her Revenants series starting March 18 to 31. We are looking for Bloggers who can participate for the blog tour. If you love Amy and her book/s and would like to participate on the tour, please do sign up!

Share the love for Kate and Vincent. Have you read the book? If so. what do you think of Kate? Vincent? The Revenants? What made you love/hate the book? What do you think of Amy's writing? Are you looking forward to the next book?

Creating this site won't be possible without the help of Mia @ Girl about Books for the Banner & Buttons and ShabbyBlogs for the background.


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