Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amy Plum Writing An Adult Book

Yes, you heard it right! Amy Plum author of the International Best Selling Series Die For Me is in fact writing an "Adult Book". July 17th when Amy tweeted this

I got a bit curious and asked her if it's a new book. She tweeted me back confirming it.

The inner fan got the best of me and asked a little bit more... I asked if the book has a title already. She answered me with...

Are you excited yet? Will you be reading Amy's Adult Book?

If you haven't read it yet, here's Vincent's POV at the beginning of Until I Die
Kate. She is mine. But she is completely her own. That is one of the things that draws me to her like an insect flitting perilously close to that oh-so-mesmerizing but lethal flame: Kate doesn’t need me. She protects herself against me. She doesn’t want to be consumed, like I am in her.

Kate is everything to me...more important than my own existence. I am obsessed. And not only because I saved her life. Being fixated on the future of one's human rescues is natural for a revenant. But we take steps to avoid that trap. It's dangerous. It's against our code. But in this case it just doesn’t seem wrong. 

My kindred might not agree with me, but they wouldn’t dare speak it. My mind is made up. My heart given away. And my body waiting for her to take possession of it.

Although she has agreed to be with me, her promise is contingent on a vow I made—one we both wonder if I can keep. She never speaks about it, but once in a while her eyes flicker to me uncertainly and I know what she is wondering. Can I do it? Can I resist dying, at the cost of my physical comfort and mental stability?

For me it is not a question. It is a requirement. I must find a way to resist death’s powerful enticement. I will not fail. Not only for my own selfish need to have Kate by my side. But for her. I can not hurt her. She has been hurt enough. She deserves a stable life, full of love. And I’ll be damned if I can’t give it to her.

She’s so young. She’s barely seen life. And I can’t help wanting to be the one to show it to her. To see her reactions to each new experience. To see the world through her eyes.

She makes me feel human again. She makes me feel alive, after I was sure that the heart beating in my undead chest had gone completely and permanently numb. She is worth every second of agony that will inevitably come. Because without her, I am a dead man walking.
Credits to Once Upon A Twilight 


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Does Vincent give Kate flowers in the book?

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