Thursday, May 24, 2012

What do you think of Until I Die? + Link List

Until I Die by Amy Plum is already out in bookstores Worldwide! Have you got your copy already? Share us your thoughts.

Today I want to share you an unsolicited review of Until I Die by Canada. He/She left me comment on my personal blog about his/her thoughts about the book. It was too amazing not to share it with you so I'm posting it here.

Canada's Review of Until I Die

"In Die For Me I immediately fell in love with Amy's characters, their unique history and the beautiful setting, Paris. With Until I Die, I was pleasantly surprised with how Amy was able to take those things and build upon them even more. She created characters that grew stronger, she allowed her secondary characters to shine more in this book and she allowed me to see how they all interact together given the situations that arose in this plot line. One of those characters is Kate's sister, Georgia. I loved her in this book, and I've enjoyed seeing how Kate and Georgia have become closer as the series has progressed. Amy changes things up a bit with her introductions of the two new characters who add a mix of uncertainty, old school Revenants flare, and a bit of intrigue to an already out standing cast of characters. They definitely put me on a guard a bit, but Amy does a wonderful job at weaving them into this series.

The romance in this series is one of my favorites! I felt the Paris setting, and the Revenant history only intensified it a bit more in this book. What I loved about the romance between Kate and Vincent in Die For Me was amped up considerably in Until I Die. Their passion, their commitment and devotion for one another is so sigh worthy. I felt like their emotions leapt off the pages." credits

Did you have the same feeling as Canada did? I sure did! Tell us what you of Until I Die, link us your review so we could check it out! Who knows you might be featured next! ;)


Randa Krbagh said...

I agree with them! I loved seeing the secondary characters develop in Until I Die :)

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