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Guest Post: Until I Die, Macarons, and Manhattan (A UID Launch Party Post)

First, all Revenant-fans, sorry about the delayed blog post! I haven't had much free time recently to post, so you're getting my "straight from the front of the bookstore line" report over a week late.

Leaving the office a little bit early last Tuesday, I decided not to risk having to deal with bus or train schedules and instead drove straight into NYC. Parking cost me my firstborn child and my left arm (OUCH!), but it was worth knowing that I would make it to the signing on time (and would make it back out of the city at a decent hour... thanks, NJ Transit, for sparse return schedules.)

If you can ever make it into New York City for a booksigning-- do it! It's an incredible experience, especially at a bookstore like
Books of Wonder. Imagine a bookstore devoted entirely to kidlit, cozy and wonderful with a cafe that sells amazing goodies. Now, add: a table full of macarons*, orangina, and French chocolates; a bunch of authors (signing and in the audience,too); at least one editor and agent; and a group of fans that were dressed so city-cool that they made little suburban me look schlumpy… and you get Amy’s launch party.

Oh, and add a beret. Amy had a beret on the table!

 Signing with Amy were Jocelyn Davies (A Beautiful Dark) and Kristi Cook (Haven):
Our three authors! Sorry about the quality of the pics-- my camera died
and I had to wing it with my cell phone! That means no macaron pics :(
(Ahem—quick aside: Do you see how awesome they all look? Someone needs to tell me how YA authors do that—outside, it was drizzling and humid and miserable, but Amy, Jocelyn, and Kristi looked GREAT. Jocelyn’s curls were epically awesome. The aura of pure talent must repel humidity. I, on the other hand, put a hat over my head to contain the frizzzzzzzz)

Like I said above, there were some amazing people in the crowd, from Amy’s agent, Stacy Glick, to Michele Jaffe (Bad Kitty!) and Natalie Zaman (Sirenz! Amy introduced us before the event started and I’m so happy that she did. Natalie, a fellow knitter and New Jerseyan talked up a storm!) I had seen Amy’s editor, Tara Weikum when I walked into the bookstore, but was too embarrassed to say hi because the last time I met her… I kind-of fangirled for a minute or two (or maybe more…) about how much I loved Die For Me *facepalm.*

And there were some amazing fans, too! Check out the t-shirts in the pics!

The original picture...
... cropped so that you can see the awesome t-shirts and (my fave part of this picture...) someone
taking a picture of Amy!
To kick off the launch party, Amy introduced herself, Jocelyn, and Kristi, and dove into a quick description of the Revenants series for anyone in the crowd who were new to the books. She gave us this history of how she came up with the Revenants and then read aloud from the graveyard scene in Until I Die. After reading, she passed the microphone to Jocelyn, who read from A Beautiful Dark and then Kristi, who gave some great background on her books because she was still getting over a cold and didn’t have enough of a voice to read aloud.

Amy reading from the graveyard scene!

Jocelyn, reading from A Beautiful Dark
And Kristi talking about Haven
The ladies then took questions from the audience, including a great question about if they set out to write for teens when they start their books. Amy writes for herself, but when she wrote Kate, she also wanted to create a strong heroine for her daughter to read about when she gets older.

 And Amy let us know her great news about a new YA novel that’s next on her list after DFM3: a novel about an Alaskan girl! *happy dance* If anyone has the skill to make places come to life on a page, that’s Amy.

Then… we queued up for the signing part of the launch party (and, luckily, the line snaked right by the macarons and chocolate. YUM!) While on line, I chatted with this sweet lady who was from out of town and had decided to come to the booksigning to pick up a unique souvenir for her teenage daughter! She hadn’t read any of the books but still had a lot of fun at the signing. I’m sorry that I didn’t catch her name or contact info (if you’re out there and read this: *waves* Hi!!!!)

While she was signing my copy of Haven, I had a quick chat with Kristi, who is so much fun to talk to (and her daughters have the best hair ever. I wish my mom was that cool when I was young.)
Jocelyn was also nice and I wish I had more time to speak with her!

And, of course, Amy was wonderful, taking the time to chat with everyone and handing us all rhinestone-d Eiffel tower bookmarks after signing our books (or, in my case, Nooks!) A few pictures and a hug later, the signing was over and I was back on my way through the Lincoln Tunnel, a big green Books of Wonder bag safely tucked into the passenger seat of my car.

My haul!! My favorite part of this picture is that my camera caught the rainbow foiling on A Beautiful Dark!!!!

Thank you, Amy, for launching Until I Die in NYC! (and for all of you reading this who still haven’t read UID… what are you waiting for?!?!? Kate totally kicks butt, Vincent and Jules are even more swoonworthy, and Ambrose is even more flirt-a-licious in this book!)

*The macarons were mouth-wateringly delicious and come from Mille-Feuille bakery in NYC, right by Books of Wonder. A: Mille-Feuille should make a Revenants-inspired macaron for all of the advertising that we’ve been giving them as we swoon online about the macarons and B. They have a macaron workshop!!!! Great date idea, boys/girls who are reading this only to find out how to impress the Revenant fan in your life. (link: http://www.millefeuille-nyc.com/ )

Thank you very much Carli for this wonderful Guest Post ♥
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This is a great post with wonderful pictures!  I was lucky enough, too, to meet Amy on this tour and she was amazing!  I'm jealous though, that you got to taste macarons. They look yummy! 

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