Thursday, April 19, 2012

Read-A-Long: Third Discussion Post (Chapter 11 - 15)


  • Events has been heating up and Kate found out that Vincent was... dead. That was Kate thought. She was really shocked, what will you do if you were in Kate's situation? I honestly want to freak out. Kate saw Charlotte, the one that saved her life in the cafe and realizes that she's the one that Vincent is so close to. Do you think Kate has a reason to be jealous with Kate? What do you think of the collection of photographs? Who do you think these people are? Would you trust them for saving people?

  •  Kate saw Vincent and he was alive this time but pale and seemed weak. Are you happy to see Vincent alive? Kate has been suspecting that there is something weird about Vincent. What was your theory? Was is correct? Things are heating up, she met the kindred as they call it, of Vincent. It has been really confusing in the part of Kate, what do you think is happening now? What is your impression of Jean-Baptise?

  •  Kate has no choice but to hear them out. To finally know what is really happening. They started telling her their stories, of how they died and then came back. They were Zombies well not technically Zombies but Revenants. What do you think of the Revenants? Have you heard anything about these creatures before? I have to say that this is my first time reading about them so I'm really intrigued. Do you think it's a noble act that Revenants save people? or maybe a curse?

  •  Kate and Vincent were left alone.  Kate took it calmly or maybe because of Vincent is using his Tranquilizing Powers to Kate. Do you think the Revenants has other cool super powers? If you can give them another power what would that be? Kate met Jeanne which was a human that serves the Revenants for over two hundred years. If they have a human maid why do you think Jean-Baptiste is mad finding out who they really are? What is your reaction about the ding of this chapter?

  • Days has past by and Kate haven't heard anything from Vincent until  she got a letter. Georgia snooped around as usual and ask who Vincent is. If you were Kate would you tell Georgia about the things you just experienced? Would you trust your sister of this secret? What if she's in danger too? After what happened do you think that Vincent deserves to be with Kate? or even a second chance for that matter? When she saw Vincent again, she described him as a kind of Perfect Mythological creature. Kate hasn't make yo her mind yet and is still hesitant about the whole scenario. They went for a ride around Paris. Kate is happy with Vincent despite of the danger that she's getting herself into. Are you happy for Kate and Vincent? Vincent is really sweet and straight forward on telling Kate his feelings. Do you think Kate did the right thing? What do you think should Kate do?

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Bakerette said...

Chapter 11
I would probably be throwing a fit as well, making all kinds of questions wanting to know what's going on.

Chapter 12
Of course, I'm glad that Vincent's alive. We knew that he was something special, now its just time to find out what exactly.

Chapter 13
I'll admit when I heard this was a story about zombies I was scared, I'm glad to find they're not like true zombies. I have not heard of revenants before now, interested to find out more about them.

Bakerette said...

Chapter 14
Seems like they have some kind of telecommunication because Jules is always talking like he's answering a voice in his head and Charlotte knew somehow about the statue falling.
Jeanne is a faithful, trusted servant to the kindred, he's only worried that an outsider will not keep their secret.

Chapter 15
At this point I would still try to prove that their secret was safe with me. Maybe later I could feed my sister bit and pieces at a time to see how she would react.
It's going to be interesting to see how things play out for Kate and Vincent within these uncharted waters.

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