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Read-A-Long: Sixth Discussion Post (Chapter 26 - 30)

  • This chapter opened with Kate seeing Jean Baptiste. She was startled when she saw him. Kate is staying away from Vincent's family but it seemed that she can't. Have you experience something like this in real life? something you try to avoid but found yourself that you can't? It seemed that JB came for a reason and that is to ask Kate about Charles and to see Kate's family, to know where she's from. Why do you think JB is asking about Charles? Do you suspect anything? JB also told Kate that she must come back and that Vincent is doing everything to be with her. What do you think would Kate do
  • Kate was contemplating on what Jules and JB said. Vincent is trying to find a solution. Kate thought so herself "What's better, to be safe and suffer alone or to risk pain and actually live?" What wold you pick? Explain your answer. There are theories of being a Revenant. JB thinks that it's genetic but Gaspard says it's merely fate. Whats your side on this theory? We also learned about Genevieve, a Revenant who was married to a human. Do you think there's a chance for Kate and Vincent after hearing this? Vincent promised to resist the compulsion to die while they are together. Do you think he can live up to this promise?? Should Kate say Yes? No? Why?
  • She said Yes! what would you want to tell Kate at this moment?
  • Kate decided to call Mamie, to tell her that she's going to be late. Mamie gave her permission that she can spend the night with Vincent. Would you find it weird that Mamie approved of Kate staying with Vincent? I have to be honest I find it really off. Though she told Kate "Live, Katya. Be happy, Take risks. Have fun." What do you think of Mamie's advice? Would you also advice this to Kate? The topic got shifted to Charles, he was out of his mind after the rescue. He even ranted about how being a Revenant is unfair. Do you think Charles is right? Do you think a person should have a right to choose on becoming a Revenant or not? Why? I love how Vincent and Kate compliment each other. Are you happy for the both of them?
  • Kate saw a picture of Helene. If you read the back story of Vincent you'll know who she is. Do you think Kate has a reason to get jealous of Helene? On the lighter side Kate saw this stash where Vincent hid all the "blackmail photos" find it funny and I'm kind of imagining them. What do you think they look like before? Vincent is really sweet and caring, do you think he could pass the Perfect Boyfriend Test? What qualities are you looking for a Perfect Boyfriend? Do Vincent possess some of them?


Bakerette said...

Chapter 26
I got the same bad vibe about Lucian as Kate did. And it scares me to find Charles with him.
I think Kate should give Vincent a chance, better than sulking around in her room all day.

Chapter 27
To risk pain because suffering alone sucks.
I'd say it's probably more fate, based on the stories we've heard so far.
I believe that if you're passionate enough for what you want you can work through any thing.

Chapter 28
Good luck, Kate, hope things work out!

Chapter 29
It is a little weird but, I think Grandparents raise grand-children differently than they did their own. It's like they'be seen the errors they made and try a different approach. I think Mamie sees how depressed Kate was without Vincent and can't stand to watch her so unhappy.

Chapter 30
She has a right to be jealous but, like Vincent said she's not really a threat to Kate, so she has nothing to worry about.

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