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Read-A-Long: Seventh Discussion Post (Chapter 31 - 35)

  • Everything seems back to it's p roper place between Kate and Vincent. Would you say that their relationship is slightly too fast? or just right? Vincent met Mamie and Papie, if you were to introdice Vincent/Kate to your parents how would you do it? Vincent was really making a good impression to Mamie and Papy even with Georgia for that matter. If you were Vincent what things would you do to impress Mamie and Papy? Lucien was brought in the topic, Vincent doesn't seem fond of the guy. It was then revealed that Lucien was Vincent's sworn enemy. I knew there's something wrong about this Lucien guy, is your hint correct? What made you think so if it was. Everything is in panic mode when K ate told Vincent that he saw Charles with Lucien. We now know the back story of Lucien, how he kill people. Georgia is in danger, how would you say this to her without offending her feelings?

  • Kate tried to explain Georgia why she should ditch Lucien but it seems like she didn't want to. With her life at risk, what would you do to protect her? Vincent is nearing his dormancy if you were Kate how would you spend the day knowing this?

  • It's Thanksgiving day, if Kate celebrated this holiday with a book, how do you normally celebrate it? It feels a little bit morbid seeing Vincent's body lying in his bed. It also felt creepy but Vincent made it sweet in a good way. What do you do after reading the most romantic love letter? Theres still no word from Charles and Charlotte is getting worried,  what would you say/do to Charlotte to make her feel OK? Kate can communicate with Vincent while he's volant. Do you think it's weird? Whats your theory about this?

  • Jeanne focuses on Karate for self defense. Do you know Karate? Do you think it's good enough to use it when a Numa strikes? Charles called and everything was in panic again, Vincent was still dormant and assured Kate that he was still with her. What do you think is the Numa up to?

  • Confusion, panic and danger is in the air, Kate is really worried about Georgia that she might be in danger. Do you think Georgia is safe? Kate doesn't know how to handle a weapon, she's defenseless. If you could teach Kate how to handle a weapon what weapon would that be? Do you think she should learn martial arts too like Jeanne? What type of martial arts? Kate was left with Vincent's body, it was a bitter sweet goodbye but Kate knows that he'll come back. Something hinted me that there's danger coming. Do you feel it too?


Sorry for posting this really late from the schedule! I also want to extend my deepest gratitude to the people who continues to post their comments! It is very much appreciated, we are on the last five chapter of Die For Me, I hope  you enjoyed answering the discussion post. We are nearing the end, I also want to say that "We are moving the Live Chat with Amy" please be posted!





Lori T said...

31. I think it's moving at just the right pace.  For some, perhaps a bit fast, but these two are absolutely perfect for each other.  I wouldn't hesitate at all to introduce Vincent to my parents.  He's a perfect gentleman, kind and polite,  nothing threatening about him.  For him to really win them over, if I was Vincent, I would make sure to say very kind things about Kate, compliment their wonderful home, and answer any questions they have.  Oh, and bringing flowers to the lady of the house is always the perfect treat.  Yep, my thoughts about Lucien were spot-on and I suspected not only did Vincent know him, but that they had a very troubled past.  He was always someone not to be trusted!  There was always something seedy about him, dark and not right.  I knew it'd be hard to tell Georgia that the guy she likes is very dangerous.  She thinks she's finally found a good guy, but she couldn't be more wrong.  She'd need to be told gently about the real Lucien, with Vincent and his family there, explaining to her the bad guy he really is, and that they're only wanting to protect her from him.

32. Georgia is a wonderful sister and loves Kate, but I'm sure it was hard for her to hear these things about Lucien.  Kate finally found a wonderful guy, so why couldn't Georgia? (I'm sure she'd feel this way).  I would explain to her that I'm only doing this out of love, that I only want the best for her, and would lay out the truth about Lucien.  The day of Vincent nearing his dormacy would be a very difficult day for me if I were Kate.  I would spend the day with Vincent, just listening to him talk to me, ask him what it's like, and just enjoy the moments we had together.

33.  I normally celebrate Thanksgiving with family, enjoying a good dinner, then relaxing that afternoon with a book or a movie.  I loved how Vincent left that letter for Kate.  If I'd been her, I probably would've read that letter over and over and over, savoring his beautiful words, and anticipating for the moment when he would awaken.  I would try to comfort Charlotte as much as possible.  This time is difficult for her, she trusted Charles, and now, there's only questions about him.  Oh yeah, I thought it was really strange she could communicate with him during his dormacy, which made me think there was more to Kate than I'd thought before.  I'd always thought they were soul-mates, but after this, I believe they have a true soul-mate bond that always this communication.

34.  I wish I knew karate!  I think it'd be a really cool form of self defense for all women to know, although I really don't think it's enough to fight against the Numa with their incredible strengths.  I think the Numa is planning a strike against the family , but Vincent in particular.  They know when he's dormant and will plan to strike and take him then.

35.  No, I don't think Georgia's safe at all.  She doesn't really understand the true threat of Lucien yet.  If I could teach Kate any weapon, I think it'd be a gun.  A bullet to the head can stop pretty much any bad guy!  Any martial arts training would be good for Kate to learn hand-to-hand combat when no other weapon is available.  I'd recommend jiu-jitsu as a way to learn quick battle skills.  I think as long as the Numa is around, there will always be danger, especially during Vincent's dormant stage.  Until they stop the Numa, they'll always need to look over their shoulders.

Wanda Fouad said...

Chapter 31.

No, I don't think so. I meen, they love each other so why should it too fast?

I think it's right.

I think I would do it at home.

I would be nice and helpful. I would also have nice clothes. Well, I would do my best to make a good impression.

Yes, my hint is correct.

Maybe I would say that I know that she likes him, but that she has to stay away from. I would say that he's dangerous, and I would tell her a couple of things that he've done. I would tell her that I'm just worried about her.

Chapter 32.

I would do my best to not make Georgia see Lucien anymore.

Maybe, but I would have lots of fun that day because I wouldn't be able to have so much fun with him in the closest three days.
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Bakerette said...

(my comment for ch. 31 and 32 appears to have disappeared)

Chapter 33
Growing up we always had a traditional family (in my case sometimes two) dinner. But sometimes things change...
I think Kate and Vincent are such kindred spirits that she understands him.

Chapter 34
Charlotte is smaller than the others so by knowing self defense she can be the guys 'distraction'.
Seems as though they are going to take advantage of Charles contacting them and use him to bait the others into an ambush.

Chapter 35
I'm sure that if Kate stay with them long enough, yes, she should probably start training with Charlotte.
I am worried about Vincent because Charles told (Lucian) that he'd gone dormant. So they might be planning a dual attack.

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