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Read-A-Long: Fourth Discussion Post (Chapter 16 - 20)

We are half way through reading Die For Me! How are you liking it? Here's the Discussion Post for Chapter 16 to 20!

  • Kate asked Vincent how did he die, but Vincent didn't want to talk about it. Why do you think Vincent doesn't want to talk about his death? Do you think he's hiding more secrets from Kate? Vincent explains more about the Revenants Rules, on how they became dormant and volant. How do you find these rules? Did it complicate things? or did you find it cool? Kate found out that Vincent has the tendency to be obsessed with his rescues, she then realized that she can be one of the others Vincent got obsessed with. Do you think Vincent really cares about Kate? or is she just another rescue? Do you think Kate has a reason to think of that? Why?
  • Kate and Vincent went on a date together, to try normal things regardless of how things are complicated. I find it cute that they started to do regular things. Do you think Kate is doing the right thing? Why do  you think so? Kate found out that their lives is at risk with Vincent's enemies called "Numa". What is your reaction to this? do you think Kate should stop dating Vincent after hearing that her life is at risk? The city of lights is just a magical place especially for lovers. Vincent brought Kate in the most beautiful place in Paris. If you were given a chance to bring Vincent/Kate to the most beautiful place that you know where would it be and why?
  • I really liked this chapter, it's really short but really cute. It opens with Georgia asking Kate on what happened to her date with Vincent. Don't you like Georgia as a Sister? Because I really do. Do you have a sister like Georgia? Tell us about her. The next scene is really cute between Vincent and Kate, what do you think of Kate and Vincent's blooming relationship?
  • Georgia interrogated Kate on about her and Vincent. She ask some details but Kate can barely answer them. Do you feel guilty when lying to someone? Is Kate making the right decision on covering for Vincent? Georgia, Kate, Vincent and Ambrose went out for a date with Jules being volant.How do you find Jules in this chapter? Do you think he really likes Kate? Something dangerous happened next which alarmed Kate and Vincent. Jules possessed Ambros's body to save him from the Numa attack. The aftermath of the attack left Kate thinking... she decided to go home alone. After what happened do you think Kate is still safe with the Revenants? What will you do if you're in her situation?
  • Kate visited her Papy on his gallery where she saw some naked soldiers which her Papy explained to be as the amphora, it shows two cities at battle led by the "numina". Upon hearing this what came into your mind? Do you think Papy knows about the Revenants or even the Numa for that matter? Kate went to see Vincent and know more about him... about his compulsion to die. Will you risk it to be in a relationship with a guy who has a death wish? What do you think is Kate's reason for understanding Vincent?The ending of this chapter was a bit gory... but I find Kate really brave for holding back her feelings. Do you think Kate is brave enough to handle this kind of situation? knowing that he's dating a Revenant? What are the things you'll do for the sake of love?


Bakerette said...

Chapter 16
Vincent doesn't seem to be very forthcoming with much information at all.
I'm enjoying learning about the Revenants. The volant part explains who Jules was talking to.
Vincent appeared obsessed with her long before she was a rescue.

Chapter 17
I do think that Kate needs to find out more about Vincent and not just Revenant stuff, she needs info she can share with her sister/family.
Every being must have an enemy. If we always stayed away due to enemies we'd all be pretty lonely.

Chapter 18
Georgia is very protective of Kate, as she should be. I have no siblings.
New relationships are why I read. I love being able to start over time and time again.

Chapter 19
I am terrible at outright lying. I always feel so guilty that I get caught everytime. Now omission is something I can sometimes pull off.
I think she's no longer safe without a revenant, now that she's been seen with them.

Chapter 20
I thought of the enemies, just as Kate did. It sounds as though Papy may know something about the Numa.

Joanna W. said...

Ch. 16:  The reason I believe Vincent doesn’t want
to talk about his death is because it’s probably hard for him to relive. I
don’t necessarily feel Vincent is hiding more secrets from Kate, but he could
be. He did say he first wanted her to get to know him as he is now not who use
to be. I find the Revenant Rules cool and interesting, but I can see how they
can be difficult on the Revenants. Even given the circumstances, I believe
Vincent really cares for Kate. There are reasons for Kate to believe she’s just
another rescued obsession for Vincent, although she needs not to worry. Vincent
has told Kate he feels more for her than any other previous rescue and that
those feeling began prior to the saving of her life.    


Ch. 17:  Considering how complicated Vincent’s life
is, I think Kate is doing the right thing by wanting to take it slow with
Vincent.  My reaction to the Numas is
that I knew the good guys had to have an enemy. Since I like them together, I
had hoped Kate would stay dating Vincent after she learned that her life could
be at risk. Nonetheless, with that in mind, Kate needs to be extra careful and watch
her back. I have not been to too many places in the world, but I have seen both
sides (New York & Canada) of Niagara’s Falls. Each side is beautiful and
the noise from the falling water has a calming effect, so I think it would be
sweet to send Kate & Vincent on a picnic date there.


Ch. 18:  I like Georgia. She seems to make for a
cool sister. I don’t know what it’s like to have a sister—I only brothers (three,
all older). The blooming relationship between Kate and Vincent is adorably
sweet and cute to read about.

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