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Read-A-Long: First Discussion Post (Chapter 1 - 5)

Today is the start of the Die For Me Read-A-Long so I believe you guys have read Chapters 1 to 5 by now? If not then don't worry! You have plenty of time to do it. For now have the first Discussion Questions up.

  • In this chapter we met Kate and Georgia, what's your first impression on them? Kate and Georgia recently lost their parents, if you were in their situation would you be like Georgia who party all the time to cope up with it? or be like Kate and shun the world around you? Just like Kate we all love books, if you were to suggest a book to her what would that be and why? Kate is still mourning over the lost of her parents, what advice can you give Kate to ease her grief?
  • In this chapter Kate realizes that she needs a breath of "Parisian Pollution" just like Georgia suggested. If you were in Paris where do you think is the best place to unwind? I really love how Amy seemingly brought Paris with her remarkable description of Paris. Would you go to Paris basing on how she describe it in this book? Kate found her cafe in the likes of Cafe Sainte-Lucies where she can read her book. Do you have a favorite reading spot? if so where? While sulking and reading on her book Kate noticed a guy on the terrace staring at her. She described him as a handsome guy but seemed dangerous. What is your initial reaction to this? What will you do if you're in Kate's situation? Do you think this guys has a major role in the book?
  • This chapter started with Kate miss her parents, reliving the moments when they were still alive. I really feel the sadness that Kate is experiencing, if you could do/say something to Kate what would that be?Also in this chapter Kate and Georgia went out for a walk. This is when they encountered an unfamiliar event. A woman jumping off a bridge, the guy from the cafe jumped in and saved her. What would you do if you were in this kind of situation? Do you think Kate and Georgia did the right thing? Kate recognizes both guys from the cafe. Who do you think they are? are they the bad guys or the good guys?
  • Kate and Georgia couldn't let go easily go what happened last night, they build theories about it. What are your theories of what happened last night? Life goes on for both Kate and Georgia, Kate continues her reading on Cafe Sainte-Lucie. She was reading To Kill A Mocking Bird which brought her to tears. Do you have a book that makes you cry while reading it? Whats is this book and why did it make you cry? She was conscious not to cry on public when she saw the guy that jumped off the bridge. Then suddenly she found herself standing inches away from this guy. I find this scene really cute and real, if you were in from of a cute boy and strikes a conversation what would you do? Kate was still unsure of this mysterious guy but it provides her distractions of her confusion and grief. What distraction proves to be good for you? The ending of this very mysterious and the same time confusing. What do you think happened to Kate's savior?
  • Kate has been shaken from the near death experience that she had. Was there a time that you had your near death experience? What change after that experience? Kate's mother likes to take her to museums. When you were little, does your mom brings you to a special place? If yes, where is this place? and what made it special? Kate went to Picaso Museum. Kate was a bit distracted when she saw Vincent's friend with him. She decided to give Vincent a chance and they start over again. Do you think its right that Kate trusted Vincent easily? Do you think Vincent is hiding something from Kate? What do you think is his intention to Kate?

OK that wraps up the Discussion Questions for today! I'm also extending the Sign Up for this Read-A-Long. The sign up is open till up the 3rd Discussion Post after that it will be closed.

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Bakerette said...

Chapter 1: I would probably be more like Kate. I've always been intraverted and I think the tragic loss of a parent would just compound that.
Right now my favorite suggestion is Delirium by Lauren Oliver.
I don't know that I really have any advice to offer I've never lost a parent.

Bakerette said...

Chapter 2: My favorite reading spot is anywhere quiet without a lot of commotion. I am very easily distracted.
I'm sure we've just been introduced to the male lead in the story. I'd be freaked out if I caught some guy staring at me but probably a bit intrigued as well.

fluffernutter said...

Chapter 1
If I had suffered a loss in my family, I would probably be like Kate, introverted and unwilling to socialize. I think the grief would close me off from all the other people, even those close to my heart. I just don't think I would be able to party and be cheerful while in the back o my mind the grief is always there to consume me. My advice to Kate would be to just hang in there, to always remember that though her parents are gone, there are still people who love her and hate seeing her in that state.
Chapter 2
After reading Amy's description about Paris, yes, I would totally love to go there. I actually have wanted to travel there for a long time but reading Die For Me just strengthened that. In regards to the mysterious guy at the cafe, if I were Kate, I would probably just pretend to ignore him but sneak peeks at him to see what he is doing lol ;)
Chapter 3
If I was in the place of Kate and Georgia, I would call the emergency hotline the second I saw the girl and the guy jump. Though maybe my shock would just dominate my urgency to help and I would scream. :))
Chapter 4
Yes, there is a book that I cried in; the title is Bloodrose, by Andrea Cremer. It is the last in the Nightshade trilogy and I was cryin for several reasons, actually. First I was overwhelmed by the idea that the series was ending, secondly, I was really devastated over the many deaths in this book, and thirdly, the ending just shocked me and in my mind I was thinking, "this is it."
Books are my distractions actually. If I need to forget about something, I just start reading and before I know it, I'm in another world :)

Thanks for this read-a-long! :)

Bakerette said...

Chapter 3
They probably did what they felt was right. I mean if they would have tried to tell someone, they may have come out the other end crazy.

Chapter 4
I do get very emotional over books, that's what makes a great story. I can't remember exactly the last book I cried over but, I'm an emotional person so I tear up quite easily. They're were parts in Delirium, the Black Dagger Brotherhood gets me in just about every book.
I use books a lot. But, also games that require just enough thought so that my mind doesn't wander.

Chapter 5
I guess since I don't trust too easily I feel she probably shared too much so soon and without knowing anything about him. But that's the reason I love to read, so I can be someone else for just a bit.

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