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Read-A-Long: Fifth Discussion Post (Chapter 20 - 25)


  • The next scene is really morbid that's why Kate lost it. She remembered the time when her parents got into the car accident. Do you think Kate is a very emotional character? Can you blame her for being too emotional? Vincent was there to comfort her. Despite the things that happened Vincent remained by her side. What have you done to a friend to comfort him/her while in experiencing a hard time? Kate and Vincent had a serious talk.

Here's a quote for you

"I can't imagine having to live through what happened today on a regular basis. And w hen it's your turn, it will be even worse. I can't stand the thought of seeing you die again and again. It reminds me too much of my parents' death"

  • Kate proves to be very emotional when it comes to her parents and at this point with Vincent and his death wish. If you were in Kate's situation would you risk the constant death of the person you love just to be with them? Explain your answer.


I really felt the pain of Kate in this chapter. I think she really likes Vincent but it just have to be that complicated. Georgia came to comfort her sister. She even said that Kate is afraid to love someone again, in case they disappear too. Who suits your personality better? Would it be Kate who is very emotional or Georgia who lets it all behind? Kate saw Charlotte unexpectedly on the metro, she was waiting for Charles. Kate described Charles as an obnoxious adolescent. Do you think she's right about this? Do you think Kate deserves this reaction from Charles? Why? Charlotte and Charles back story was told in this chapter. What do you think of their story? About helping that family? Do you think they're destined to save people thats why they became Revenants? Do you think Kate made the right decision of staying away from Vincent? Do you think it will ease the pain if you were in Kate's position?


  • This chapter is really short but has the pang of hurt in it. Kate saw Vincent... with a woman who's crying. Who do you think this woman is? Do you think she's related to Vincent? Or is this another girl she's obsessed with?


  • Georgia and Kate went out, just as usual Georgia knows where the hottest bar in town is. Are you a party goer? Do you go to bars and party like Georgia? If you were to bring Kate to a bar where would that be? Lucien met Kate in this chapter. I really don't good about this guy from the start. What do you think of this guy? Would you approve of him for Georgia? On her way out Kate saw someone... a boy. It was Charles. What do you think is Charles doing in this place? Do you think he's following Kate? But why?


  • This chapter opened with Kate missing Vincent. But realizes that she shouldn't be with him. Kate went out to read her book The Catcher in the Rye. Mamy and Papy is concerned about Kate but she couldn't tell them what her problem is. Are you close with your Grandmother/Grandfather? Do you tell them your problems? Kate met Jules, he was surprised that last night she saw Charles and now Jules. He has a message from Vincent. Jules also confirmed who she saw with Vincent the other day. It was Genevieve, an old friend. Jules said that Vincent is finding a way around the situation. Do you think Vincent can find a way? Do you think there is future between Kate and Vincent?


Bakerette said...

Chapter 21
Yes Kate is very emotional about her parents. She was very close to them and didn't have nearly enough time with them.
I think it would be very hard to watch the person you love die over and over, even knowing they'll be back in three days. If their was someone to talk to, to support me through those deaths I might be able to manage it, maybe.

Chapter 22
I am definitely a very emotional person, I can't let anything go.
Only Kate can know if she made the right decision for her.

Chapter 23
Pretty sure theirs a perfectly logical explanation. And most likely not someone Kate has to be worried about.

Chapter 24
I do not do parties. Is rather stay home and read or maybe go out to a movie.
I'm not sure about Lucia either, especially with Kate's reaction, sometimes we need to just listen to our gut.
Charles is definitely up to something...not real sure it even involves Kate, at all, though.

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