Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Release Day to Die For Me Paperback!

Today is a special day for us Revenant Fans! Because today is the release of...


You can order it at
Amazon here or Indie Bound here

Do you see that EXTRAS INSIDE on the corner right side of the book? What does it mean? I honestly want to know myself! If you want to know what these EXTRAS are you should definitely BUY IT!


Amy is doing her own Revenant Week and guess what? In accordance of the release of DIE FOR ME Paperback, she's giving away a Kate-In-A-Boat Die For Me ARC! This ARC is very rare since this is one of the first ARCs that has the original cover. This is considered a collectible item if you're a fan of the series! If you want to enter for the drawing you can find details on how to enter the contest here! Make sure to visit Amy's Facebook Page and Website for some Revenants related blog post all week!


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