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Eighth Discussion Post (Chapters 36 – 40)

  •  Kate had a little chat with Jeanne, she wanted to know more about Vincent. If you could ask Jeanne anything about Vincent what would that be and why? Jeanne said to Kate:
"This won't be an easy relationship for you, dear Kate. But persevere. He's worth it."
Do you think it's worth it like Jeanne said? Do you think Kate could persevere through out the relationship? Lucien got Georgia! I knew there's something is terribly wrong, what will you do if you were in Kate's situation?
  • Lucien got in, Kate is defenseless with Georgia in his hands but thank god Gaspard was there. What do you think of Lucien as a villain? would you say he's a very effective villain? why do you think so? Everything happened very fast, Vincent possessed Kate's body to fight Lucien. Would you allow Vincent to take over your body if you know there's a risk?
  • Everything is all right but it seems like Vincent's possessing Kate's body is taking it's toll. Vincent was with Kate the whole time. What do you think should Kate feel about this? After all what happened, whats your side with all that happened? Charles and Charlotte was asked to leave their Kindred because of what happened. Do you think they deserve the punishment?
  • Charlotte can't live without Charles so it seems like she's going with him. Would you blame Charles on why it all happened? Would you allow Charlotte to be punished as well? Kate was accepted by JB because of what she's done for them. What can you say about this? Are you happy for Kate that she's finally gain acceptance?
  • As much as I want to read more of Vincent and Kate this is the last chapter. This chapter is full of happiness for Vincent and Kate. It feels perfect between them. It was also Kate's birthday, if you were Vincent were would you take her in her special day? I can feel that Kate really loves Vincent and as well as Vincent for Kate. What do you think of the ending? Would you say that it's a perfect ending?




Lori T said...

36.  I would ask Jeanne what Vincent's been like ever since she's known him, has he always been so kind, had he ever had another love/crush? And I totally agree with her: he's absolutely worth it!  And Kate can definitely persevere, she's strong and smart and knows Vincent is her perfect match and I think will do anything to make their relationship work.  If I were Kate, I would do anything to save my sister.  They love each other and would risk their lives for each other, so I would also go after her and save her from the awful Lucien.

37.  I think Lucien is great as a villain because he was able to make an intended victim trust him and lure her into his grasp.  He gained Georgia's trust, making him a very good villain because he did what he intended to do and succeeded.  I would absolutely allow Vincent to take over my body if it meant saving someone I loved dearly, especially if it were for Georgia.  She did the right thing, no matter the risks.

38.  I would think the possession would be mentally and physically exhausting for Kate.  Even though she loves and trust him, having him a part of her like that is something she's never experienced and had no way of knowing how to deal with it.  I think it was the best decision to allow him to do this, as it was the only way to save Georgia.  Charles definitely deserved to be shunned by their Kindred, but I didn't think it was fair to punish Charlotte as well.  She didn't do what he did, but she did love him, so I don't think she would've let him leave without her anyway.

39.  I can't say I blame Charles 100%, but he absolutely deserves blame and does deserve to be outed by their Kindred.  But I don't think it's fair for Charlotte to shoulder any blame.  I think it's wonderful that JB welcomed Kate.  I still think he should've welcomed her earlier, even though I understood why I didn't.  But she's proved herself now: she'll do anything to protect the ones she loves and loves Vincent unconditionally.  And I think it's wonderful that she's accepted by everyone and is equally a part of their family.

40.  Kate deserves to have a wonderfully special, unique birthday.  If I were Vincent, I would take her somewhere she wouldn't expect.  Ok, I don't know much about France since I've never been there, but I would take her to a small, secluded park area for a picnic, then a quiet walk around beautiful little art galleries, then a night watching the stars twinkle in the sky.  Oh, I loved the ending, too!  I loved how they ended up together and professing their love for each other.  You can tell they're in it for the long haul, that they'll never give up on their love whenever times get hard.  They'll work through anything and have the perfect, life-long love.  I'm so excited to see the next part of their journey in UNTIL I DIE :-)

Bakerette said...

Chapter 36
I would say yes its worth it to take the chance, even if it doesn't work out the way you expect it to.
I would be raking my brain trying to figure out how to save my sister AND keep Lucian away from Vincent's body.

Chapter 37
I guess Lucian was a clever villain but I think there could have been more development for his character.
With three lives at stake and Kate's strong will, yes, I would have probably let him in, too.

Chapter 38
I think it's a little unfair to Charlotte but, it's just so Charles can clear his head and come to terms with all that has happened without putting the whole 'family' at risk, again.

Chapter 39
I think JB has been around long enough to know what works. And, yes, I'm glad to see that he has accepted Kate into the fold.

Chapter 40
Happy Birthday, Kate!
I thought it was a beautiful ending under the beautiful lights of the Eiffel Tower!

Wanda Fouad said...

Chapter 36.

Maybe I would ask Jeanne about how Vincent was? That's because i woud want to get to know him better. I wouldn't ask her too personal questions about Vincent-because if he wanted to tell me then things he would do it. Maybe he wasn't ready to tell me or let me know a couple of things about him. If it would be like that then it's better that he tells me when he feels ready.

I completely think that it's worth it because it's VERY hard to find someone like Vincent.

I think that Kate will take at least one break through their relationship, but I know that she will come back to Vincent.

I don't really know. When you are in situations like that, you don't realy think so much or think clearly. Maybe I would talk to Gaspard?

Chapter 37.

I think that Lucien is very smart - but I hate him! Yeah, I think that he's very effective.

Of course I would let him take over my body! Either both of us would die, or both of us would survive.

Chapter 38.

I think that Kate should be happy and VERY thankful.

I don't know if Charles and Charlottes deserve their punishment. And Charlottes haven't even done anything wrong, and she likes Ambrose. I think that it would be good for the twins to take a break from everything far away for a time. I think that Charles should be able to take along break and think about everything very clearly with his sister to seport him. Maybe he could come back then?

Chapter 39.
I would blame Charles a bit. I understand that maybe it isn't very easy for him. But if he wanted to die-than why involve the others? That's very stupid.

Well, I don't think that the twins could survive without each other, but I think that Charlotte should be asked before. Maybe JB could also talk to all the others include Charlottes before making the decision.

I'm really glad about that Kate is really accepted by JB.

Chapter 40.
I think that the place that Vincent took Kate to was really the right decision.

Yeah, that's a perfect ending!

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