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Eighth Discussion Post (Chapters 36 – 40)

  •  Kate had a little chat with Jeanne, she wanted to know more about Vincent. If you could ask Jeanne anything about Vincent what would that be and why? Jeanne said to Kate:
"This won't be an easy relationship for you, dear Kate. But persevere. He's worth it."
Do you think it's worth it like Jeanne said? Do you think Kate could persevere through out the relationship? Lucien got Georgia! I knew there's something is terribly wrong, what will you do if you were in Kate's situation?
  • Lucien got in, Kate is defenseless with Georgia in his hands but thank god Gaspard was there. What do you think of Lucien as a villain? would you say he's a very effective villain? why do you think so? Everything happened very fast, Vincent possessed Kate's body to fight Lucien. Would you allow Vincent to take over your body if you know there's a risk?
  • Everything is all right but it seems like Vincent's possessing Kate's body is taking it's toll. Vincent was with Kate the whole time. What do you think should Kate feel about this? After all what happened, whats your side with all that happened? Charles and Charlotte was asked to leave their Kindred because of what happened. Do you think they deserve the punishment?
  • Charlotte can't live without Charles so it seems like she's going with him. Would you blame Charles on why it all happened? Would you allow Charlotte to be punished as well? Kate was accepted by JB because of what she's done for them. What can you say about this? Are you happy for Kate that she's finally gain acceptance?
  • As much as I want to read more of Vincent and Kate this is the last chapter. This chapter is full of happiness for Vincent and Kate. It feels perfect between them. It was also Kate's birthday, if you were Vincent were would you take her in her special day? I can feel that Kate really loves Vincent and as well as Vincent for Kate. What do you think of the ending? Would you say that it's a perfect ending?



Saturday, April 28, 2012

Read-A-Long: Seventh Discussion Post (Chapter 31 - 35)

  • Everything seems back to it's p roper place between Kate and Vincent. Would you say that their relationship is slightly too fast? or just right? Vincent met Mamie and Papie, if you were to introdice Vincent/Kate to your parents how would you do it? Vincent was really making a good impression to Mamie and Papy even with Georgia for that matter. If you were Vincent what things would you do to impress Mamie and Papy? Lucien was brought in the topic, Vincent doesn't seem fond of the guy. It was then revealed that Lucien was Vincent's sworn enemy. I knew there's something wrong about this Lucien guy, is your hint correct? What made you think so if it was. Everything is in panic mode when K ate told Vincent that he saw Charles with Lucien. We now know the back story of Lucien, how he kill people. Georgia is in danger, how would you say this to her without offending her feelings?

  • Kate tried to explain Georgia why she should ditch Lucien but it seems like she didn't want to. With her life at risk, what would you do to protect her? Vincent is nearing his dormancy if you were Kate how would you spend the day knowing this?

  • It's Thanksgiving day, if Kate celebrated this holiday with a book, how do you normally celebrate it? It feels a little bit morbid seeing Vincent's body lying in his bed. It also felt creepy but Vincent made it sweet in a good way. What do you do after reading the most romantic love letter? Theres still no word from Charles and Charlotte is getting worried,  what would you say/do to Charlotte to make her feel OK? Kate can communicate with Vincent while he's volant. Do you think it's weird? Whats your theory about this?

  • Jeanne focuses on Karate for self defense. Do you know Karate? Do you think it's good enough to use it when a Numa strikes? Charles called and everything was in panic again, Vincent was still dormant and assured Kate that he was still with her. What do you think is the Numa up to?

  • Confusion, panic and danger is in the air, Kate is really worried about Georgia that she might be in danger. Do you think Georgia is safe? Kate doesn't know how to handle a weapon, she's defenseless. If you could teach Kate how to handle a weapon what weapon would that be? Do you think she should learn martial arts too like Jeanne? What type of martial arts? Kate was left with Vincent's body, it was a bitter sweet goodbye but Kate knows that he'll come back. Something hinted me that there's danger coming. Do you feel it too?


Sorry for posting this really late from the schedule! I also want to extend my deepest gratitude to the people who continues to post their comments! It is very much appreciated, we are on the last five chapter of Die For Me, I hope  you enjoyed answering the discussion post. We are nearing the end, I also want to say that "We are moving the Live Chat with Amy" please be posted!




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Read-A-Long: Sixth Discussion Post (Chapter 26 - 30)

  • This chapter opened with Kate seeing Jean Baptiste. She was startled when she saw him. Kate is staying away from Vincent's family but it seemed that she can't. Have you experience something like this in real life? something you try to avoid but found yourself that you can't? It seemed that JB came for a reason and that is to ask Kate about Charles and to see Kate's family, to know where she's from. Why do you think JB is asking about Charles? Do you suspect anything? JB also told Kate that she must come back and that Vincent is doing everything to be with her. What do you think would Kate do
  • Kate was contemplating on what Jules and JB said. Vincent is trying to find a solution. Kate thought so herself "What's better, to be safe and suffer alone or to risk pain and actually live?" What wold you pick? Explain your answer. There are theories of being a Revenant. JB thinks that it's genetic but Gaspard says it's merely fate. Whats your side on this theory? We also learned about Genevieve, a Revenant who was married to a human. Do you think there's a chance for Kate and Vincent after hearing this? Vincent promised to resist the compulsion to die while they are together. Do you think he can live up to this promise?? Should Kate say Yes? No? Why?
  • She said Yes! what would you want to tell Kate at this moment?
  • Kate decided to call Mamie, to tell her that she's going to be late. Mamie gave her permission that she can spend the night with Vincent. Would you find it weird that Mamie approved of Kate staying with Vincent? I have to be honest I find it really off. Though she told Kate "Live, Katya. Be happy, Take risks. Have fun." What do you think of Mamie's advice? Would you also advice this to Kate? The topic got shifted to Charles, he was out of his mind after the rescue. He even ranted about how being a Revenant is unfair. Do you think Charles is right? Do you think a person should have a right to choose on becoming a Revenant or not? Why? I love how Vincent and Kate compliment each other. Are you happy for the both of them?
  • Kate saw a picture of Helene. If you read the back story of Vincent you'll know who she is. Do you think Kate has a reason to get jealous of Helene? On the lighter side Kate saw this stash where Vincent hid all the "blackmail photos" find it funny and I'm kind of imagining them. What do you think they look like before? Vincent is really sweet and caring, do you think he could pass the Perfect Boyfriend Test? What qualities are you looking for a Perfect Boyfriend? Do Vincent possess some of them?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Read-A-Long: Fifth Discussion Post (Chapter 20 - 25)


  • The next scene is really morbid that's why Kate lost it. She remembered the time when her parents got into the car accident. Do you think Kate is a very emotional character? Can you blame her for being too emotional? Vincent was there to comfort her. Despite the things that happened Vincent remained by her side. What have you done to a friend to comfort him/her while in experiencing a hard time? Kate and Vincent had a serious talk.

Here's a quote for you

"I can't imagine having to live through what happened today on a regular basis. And w hen it's your turn, it will be even worse. I can't stand the thought of seeing you die again and again. It reminds me too much of my parents' death"

  • Kate proves to be very emotional when it comes to her parents and at this point with Vincent and his death wish. If you were in Kate's situation would you risk the constant death of the person you love just to be with them? Explain your answer.


I really felt the pain of Kate in this chapter. I think she really likes Vincent but it just have to be that complicated. Georgia came to comfort her sister. She even said that Kate is afraid to love someone again, in case they disappear too. Who suits your personality better? Would it be Kate who is very emotional or Georgia who lets it all behind? Kate saw Charlotte unexpectedly on the metro, she was waiting for Charles. Kate described Charles as an obnoxious adolescent. Do you think she's right about this? Do you think Kate deserves this reaction from Charles? Why? Charlotte and Charles back story was told in this chapter. What do you think of their story? About helping that family? Do you think they're destined to save people thats why they became Revenants? Do you think Kate made the right decision of staying away from Vincent? Do you think it will ease the pain if you were in Kate's position?


  • This chapter is really short but has the pang of hurt in it. Kate saw Vincent... with a woman who's crying. Who do you think this woman is? Do you think she's related to Vincent? Or is this another girl she's obsessed with?


  • Georgia and Kate went out, just as usual Georgia knows where the hottest bar in town is. Are you a party goer? Do you go to bars and party like Georgia? If you were to bring Kate to a bar where would that be? Lucien met Kate in this chapter. I really don't good about this guy from the start. What do you think of this guy? Would you approve of him for Georgia? On her way out Kate saw someone... a boy. It was Charles. What do you think is Charles doing in this place? Do you think he's following Kate? But why?


  • This chapter opened with Kate missing Vincent. But realizes that she shouldn't be with him. Kate went out to read her book The Catcher in the Rye. Mamy and Papy is concerned about Kate but she couldn't tell them what her problem is. Are you close with your Grandmother/Grandfather? Do you tell them your problems? Kate met Jules, he was surprised that last night she saw Charles and now Jules. He has a message from Vincent. Jules also confirmed who she saw with Vincent the other day. It was Genevieve, an old friend. Jules said that Vincent is finding a way around the situation. Do you think Vincent can find a way? Do you think there is future between Kate and Vincent?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Read-A-Long: Fourth Discussion Post (Chapter 16 - 20)

We are half way through reading Die For Me! How are you liking it? Here's the Discussion Post for Chapter 16 to 20!

  • Kate asked Vincent how did he die, but Vincent didn't want to talk about it. Why do you think Vincent doesn't want to talk about his death? Do you think he's hiding more secrets from Kate? Vincent explains more about the Revenants Rules, on how they became dormant and volant. How do you find these rules? Did it complicate things? or did you find it cool? Kate found out that Vincent has the tendency to be obsessed with his rescues, she then realized that she can be one of the others Vincent got obsessed with. Do you think Vincent really cares about Kate? or is she just another rescue? Do you think Kate has a reason to think of that? Why?
  • Kate and Vincent went on a date together, to try normal things regardless of how things are complicated. I find it cute that they started to do regular things. Do you think Kate is doing the right thing? Why do  you think so? Kate found out that their lives is at risk with Vincent's enemies called "Numa". What is your reaction to this? do you think Kate should stop dating Vincent after hearing that her life is at risk? The city of lights is just a magical place especially for lovers. Vincent brought Kate in the most beautiful place in Paris. If you were given a chance to bring Vincent/Kate to the most beautiful place that you know where would it be and why?
  • I really liked this chapter, it's really short but really cute. It opens with Georgia asking Kate on what happened to her date with Vincent. Don't you like Georgia as a Sister? Because I really do. Do you have a sister like Georgia? Tell us about her. The next scene is really cute between Vincent and Kate, what do you think of Kate and Vincent's blooming relationship?
  • Georgia interrogated Kate on about her and Vincent. She ask some details but Kate can barely answer them. Do you feel guilty when lying to someone? Is Kate making the right decision on covering for Vincent? Georgia, Kate, Vincent and Ambrose went out for a date with Jules being volant.How do you find Jules in this chapter? Do you think he really likes Kate? Something dangerous happened next which alarmed Kate and Vincent. Jules possessed Ambros's body to save him from the Numa attack. The aftermath of the attack left Kate thinking... she decided to go home alone. After what happened do you think Kate is still safe with the Revenants? What will you do if you're in her situation?
  • Kate visited her Papy on his gallery where she saw some naked soldiers which her Papy explained to be as the amphora, it shows two cities at battle led by the "numina". Upon hearing this what came into your mind? Do you think Papy knows about the Revenants or even the Numa for that matter? Kate went to see Vincent and know more about him... about his compulsion to die. Will you risk it to be in a relationship with a guy who has a death wish? What do you think is Kate's reason for understanding Vincent?The ending of this chapter was a bit gory... but I find Kate really brave for holding back her feelings. Do you think Kate is brave enough to handle this kind of situation? knowing that he's dating a Revenant? What are the things you'll do for the sake of love?

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Until I Die Trailer

I bring you the Until I Die trailer!

Until I Die comes out May 3 in the UK and May 8 in the US! 
Make sure you get a copy!

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Read-A-Long: Third Discussion Post (Chapter 11 - 15)


  • Events has been heating up and Kate found out that Vincent was... dead. That was Kate thought. She was really shocked, what will you do if you were in Kate's situation? I honestly want to freak out. Kate saw Charlotte, the one that saved her life in the cafe and realizes that she's the one that Vincent is so close to. Do you think Kate has a reason to be jealous with Kate? What do you think of the collection of photographs? Who do you think these people are? Would you trust them for saving people?

  •  Kate saw Vincent and he was alive this time but pale and seemed weak. Are you happy to see Vincent alive? Kate has been suspecting that there is something weird about Vincent. What was your theory? Was is correct? Things are heating up, she met the kindred as they call it, of Vincent. It has been really confusing in the part of Kate, what do you think is happening now? What is your impression of Jean-Baptise?

  •  Kate has no choice but to hear them out. To finally know what is really happening. They started telling her their stories, of how they died and then came back. They were Zombies well not technically Zombies but Revenants. What do you think of the Revenants? Have you heard anything about these creatures before? I have to say that this is my first time reading about them so I'm really intrigued. Do you think it's a noble act that Revenants save people? or maybe a curse?

  •  Kate and Vincent were left alone.  Kate took it calmly or maybe because of Vincent is using his Tranquilizing Powers to Kate. Do you think the Revenants has other cool super powers? If you can give them another power what would that be? Kate met Jeanne which was a human that serves the Revenants for over two hundred years. If they have a human maid why do you think Jean-Baptiste is mad finding out who they really are? What is your reaction about the ding of this chapter?

  • Days has past by and Kate haven't heard anything from Vincent until  she got a letter. Georgia snooped around as usual and ask who Vincent is. If you were Kate would you tell Georgia about the things you just experienced? Would you trust your sister of this secret? What if she's in danger too? After what happened do you think that Vincent deserves to be with Kate? or even a second chance for that matter? When she saw Vincent again, she described him as a kind of Perfect Mythological creature. Kate hasn't make yo her mind yet and is still hesitant about the whole scenario. They went for a ride around Paris. Kate is happy with Vincent despite of the danger that she's getting herself into. Are you happy for Kate and Vincent? Vincent is really sweet and straight forward on telling Kate his feelings. Do you think Kate did the right thing? What do you think should Kate do?

Until I Die Trailer Premieres later make sure to check it out!

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Read-A-Long: Second Discussion Post (Chapter 6 - 10)

  • In this chapter, Vincent takes Kate out on a “non-date”. They visited the Eglise Saint-Paul, a church in Lyon, France. She tells him about her childhood, back when she used to play with her friend in the church. Is there a significant place in your life? A place where you can be carefree and elated? Kate has always had an active imagination and was always curious with the ways of the world. Have you ever found yourself wondering how things started out or daydreaming about different things? Vincent then compliments Kate after proving that not only is she pretty but witty as well. Has anyone ever complimented you in any way? How did you feel? He then takes her to a series of Parisian-styled apartments, and he tells her about the art galleries and antiques shops that lined the streets knowing that she would enjoy it. Has anyone ever taken you to a place because they knew you’d like it there? Kate and Vincent started to browse the shops and paused at an antique clothes shop. Vincent asks Kate about the kind of jewelry girls her age liked because he was going to purchase something for a female friend. Kate couldn’t help but feel sad knowing that he had a special someone in his life. Do you think Kate should’ve been jealous? Should she have asked Vincent before jumping into conclusions?

  • As Kate tries to understand what Vincent tells her, Vincent starts to act suspiciously and quickly takes her away. Kate starts to feel confused and alarmed as to why he would act in such a way. If you ever faced a situation similar to this, would you immediately follow or stop and ask questions? Do you think Kate made the right decision following him when she was unsure of what was happening?  Vincent then proceeds to take her to Jules’ studio to keep her away from whatever he was trying to avoid. Jules and Vincent then proceed to have a heated discussion regarding the matter while Kate tries to eavesdrop on them. As their conversation ends, Vincent offers to take Kate home but she declines knowing that she had to figure out what was happening. If someone was hiding something from you, would you be outright and call them out on it or keep it to yourself and wait for them to tell you when they’re ready? Or are you going to do what Kate did and follow them to find what you’re looking for? Would you be like her and take the risk or leave it be? As she she’s Vincent and Jules at the Metro station, she also catches a man jumping from the platform to the train tracks below knowing he was going to get hit. She screams and Vincent goes to soothe her as Jules runs to jump off the platform as well to save the man. If you were to witness something like this, how would you react? Why do you think Jules took the dive knowing there was a bug possibility of him dying in the process?

  • Kate goes into shock after witnessing the accident and Vincent tries to calm her down. Vincent then takes her to his home. As Kate sees Vincent’s “house” she couldn’t help but feel astounded. Vincent lived not in a house but in a hotel. Kate looks around the place in awe and sees a granite fountain of an angel carrying a sleeping woman in his arms. If you were to witness a place this glorious, would you think it was too much or would you just bask in its beauty? As he takes her inside and offers her tea, Kate couldn’t help but feel exasperated seeing Vincent so calm after just witnessing his friend’s death. Do you think Vincent knows more than he’s letting on? That he’s hiding a big secret from Kate?

  • A few weeks have passed and Kate is still plagued with the images of the accident. She tries to push thoughts of Vincent far into the corners of her mind. Her sister, Georgia, notices this asks her about it. Have you ever been in the position where you wanted to tell something to someone you can trust but just couldn’t bring yourself to? Kate then goes to school and start on a project. She goes to the library to do some research and read some old newspaper articles. Imagine her surprise when she sees someone very familiar who died in a fire long ago. Who do you think Kate saw?

  • At the start of the chapter, Kate goes to Vincent’s home to demand answers from him but meets a mysterious person instead. The man tells Kate the Vincent is unavailable at the moment and suggests that she write a letter for him instead. The man offers her tea that the cook, Jeanne, made. As Kate waits for the tea, she starts to compose her message asking Vincent to explain what was happening. She starts to look for Jeanne and stumbles upon a bedroom and sees figure lying on the bed. What she sees drags her further the unknown world that Vincent has taken her to. What do you think Kate saw on the bed? And where do you think Vincent is?
So that's it for today's questions. Haven't signed up yet? Don't worry! You can still sign up for this Die For Me Read-Along event until the third discussion questions are posted.

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Read-A-Long: First Discussion Post (Chapter 1 - 5)

Today is the start of the Die For Me Read-A-Long so I believe you guys have read Chapters 1 to 5 by now? If not then don't worry! You have plenty of time to do it. For now have the first Discussion Questions up.

  • In this chapter we met Kate and Georgia, what's your first impression on them? Kate and Georgia recently lost their parents, if you were in their situation would you be like Georgia who party all the time to cope up with it? or be like Kate and shun the world around you? Just like Kate we all love books, if you were to suggest a book to her what would that be and why? Kate is still mourning over the lost of her parents, what advice can you give Kate to ease her grief?
  • In this chapter Kate realizes that she needs a breath of "Parisian Pollution" just like Georgia suggested. If you were in Paris where do you think is the best place to unwind? I really love how Amy seemingly brought Paris with her remarkable description of Paris. Would you go to Paris basing on how she describe it in this book? Kate found her cafe in the likes of Cafe Sainte-Lucies where she can read her book. Do you have a favorite reading spot? if so where? While sulking and reading on her book Kate noticed a guy on the terrace staring at her. She described him as a handsome guy but seemed dangerous. What is your initial reaction to this? What will you do if you're in Kate's situation? Do you think this guys has a major role in the book?
  • This chapter started with Kate miss her parents, reliving the moments when they were still alive. I really feel the sadness that Kate is experiencing, if you could do/say something to Kate what would that be?Also in this chapter Kate and Georgia went out for a walk. This is when they encountered an unfamiliar event. A woman jumping off a bridge, the guy from the cafe jumped in and saved her. What would you do if you were in this kind of situation? Do you think Kate and Georgia did the right thing? Kate recognizes both guys from the cafe. Who do you think they are? are they the bad guys or the good guys?
  • Kate and Georgia couldn't let go easily go what happened last night, they build theories about it. What are your theories of what happened last night? Life goes on for both Kate and Georgia, Kate continues her reading on Cafe Sainte-Lucie. She was reading To Kill A Mocking Bird which brought her to tears. Do you have a book that makes you cry while reading it? Whats is this book and why did it make you cry? She was conscious not to cry on public when she saw the guy that jumped off the bridge. Then suddenly she found herself standing inches away from this guy. I find this scene really cute and real, if you were in from of a cute boy and strikes a conversation what would you do? Kate was still unsure of this mysterious guy but it provides her distractions of her confusion and grief. What distraction proves to be good for you? The ending of this very mysterious and the same time confusing. What do you think happened to Kate's savior?
  • Kate has been shaken from the near death experience that she had. Was there a time that you had your near death experience? What change after that experience? Kate's mother likes to take her to museums. When you were little, does your mom brings you to a special place? If yes, where is this place? and what made it special? Kate went to Picaso Museum. Kate was a bit distracted when she saw Vincent's friend with him. She decided to give Vincent a chance and they start over again. Do you think its right that Kate trusted Vincent easily? Do you think Vincent is hiding something from Kate? What do you think is his intention to Kate?

OK that wraps up the Discussion Questions for today! I'm also extending the Sign Up for this Read-A-Long. The sign up is open till up the 3rd Discussion Post after that it will be closed.

If you don't know what you're doing?
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In time for the release of Die For Me Paperback and the upcoming release of the sequel, Until I Die, we are doing a Die For Me Read-A-Long! Join us so we could all remember the wonderful tale of Kate and her adventures with The Revenants! Participate on the Read-A-Long and you might win some Die For Me goodies!

Our Die For Me Read-A-Long will begin April 16th - that’s a Monday! If you want to participate just sign up and be eligible for the upcoming Prizes!

Schedules will be like this:

May 1st – Live Chat with Amy Plum *moved to another date*
Wrap Up Post / Predictions for Until I Die / Giveaway Winners Announced!

So here's the deets:

Who can participate? Anyone, as long as you have a copy of Die For Me and signed up you can participate. Weather you’ve read it already or reading it the first time. If you’re a Blogger and would want to answer the discussion post on your blog, feel free to do so. But remember to put the link of your answer post to the linky of that particular Discussion post. If you don’t have a blog then you can still participate, all you have to do is comment on the discussion post.

The first Discussion post will be up on the 16th so make sure you finish the chapter before you answer the discussion post questions. There is no right or wrong answer to the questions. You can sight things you notice on while on each chapter.  Just make sure you make your comment/blog post answer spoiler free.
To be entered to win the giveaway, here’s what you have to do:

Participate in the Read-A-Long by filling out the sign up form and participate actively by answering the questions on the blog. Your comment / blog post can be as long or as short as you like it to be.
After posting/answering, enter via the Rafflecopter form with your comment name and you’ll be entered in the giveaway. If you’re a blogger and want to do a blog post then just leave a link on the on the extras and you’ll be entered in the giveaway!

Giveaway is International and ends on April 31st

Sign up will be open until the Read-A-Long starts.

I’m really looking forward for the Read-A-Long! If you have questions please let me know. Email me here

I know you want to know the Prizes right? Well here they are!

1 Kate-in-a-Boat original DIE FOR ME cover (signed)
1 signed paperback of DIE FOR ME
1 signed hardback of DIE FOR ME

1 postcard of a Very Important Place in UNTIL I DIE
4 squishy Eiffel Tower keychains
a “V” Eiffel tower keychain
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2 Eiffel tower mini-notebooks
10 signed bookmarks
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Happy Release Day to Die For Me Paperback!

Today is a special day for us Revenant Fans! Because today is the release of...


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Do you see that EXTRAS INSIDE on the corner right side of the book? What does it mean? I honestly want to know myself! If you want to know what these EXTRAS are you should definitely BUY IT!


Amy is doing her own Revenant Week and guess what? In accordance of the release of DIE FOR ME Paperback, she's giving away a Kate-In-A-Boat Die For Me ARC! This ARC is very rare since this is one of the first ARCs that has the original cover. This is considered a collectible item if you're a fan of the series! If you want to enter for the drawing you can find details on how to enter the contest here! Make sure to visit Amy's Facebook Page and Website for some Revenants related blog post all week!


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