Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Revenants Week Tour Updates!



Name: Ambrose Bates

Born: March 15, 1922 in Oxford, Mississippi

Died: you’ll find out in Book 3, but he is eternally 22

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Other vitals: Very muscular, 6'5”, very low baritone voice

Defining characteristics: Has nicknames for everyone: Kate “Katie-Lou”. Calls Jean-Baptiste “JB”. Calls Vincent “Vin”.

Hobbies: Plays trumpet, loves jazz, is a movie buff (had JB build the home cinema), bodybuilding.

Preferred weapon: Battle axe.

Back story: p. 222

Quote: “Kate, enchanted to meet you. I'm Ambrose,” he said in a baritone voice that was as thick as molasses. Then, switching into a perfectly American-accented English, he said, “Ambrose Bate from Oxford, Mississippi. It's nice to meet a fellow countryman in this land of crazy French people!” (DIE FOR ME)


Name: Vincent Pierre Henri Delacroix

Born: June 12, 1924 in Brittany

Died: 1942 while in the Maquis at age 18 (In DIE FOR ME, UNTIL I DIE and Book 3 he is 19.)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Other vitals: Olive skin, 6'2”


Speaks French, English, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish. Has a law degree. Drives a red vintage Vespa.

Hobbies: Art, reading, cinema, fight training. Is interested in ancient and antique weaponry.

Preferred weapon: Sword

Has a law degree.

Back story: “First: my story. I was born in 1924, as I told you, in a little town in Brittany. Our town was occupied soon after the Germans invaded in 1940. We didn’t even try to fight them off. We didn’t have the weapons, and it all happened too quickly to prepare a defense….” To find out more, check out pp. 219-221 in Die for Me

Quote: Let's just say that I'm not the kind of guy your mother would want you hanging around with. (DIE FOR ME)

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Today was supposed to be Jules' Character Profile Reveal!
But I the person who was supposed to post it bailed or rather didn't post it.
If I'm not able to find a blogger who could post it then ill post it here!

Make sure you watch this spot if you love Jules! :) 


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