Thursday, March 1, 2012

Revenant Central is here!


With the opening of the site I think you're probably asking yourself what is this site for? I hope you find time to read a little story. I wish to share you the reason of creating this fansite.
Have you ever experienced rereading a book that you totally love soon after finishing it the first time? I guess it happened the moment I read Die For Me. I was talking about the book with my classmate and constantly thought about it for a long time. I had the sudden urge to read more of the story that Amy Plum created. It felt like I was meant to read this book and pledge to love it Until I Die. I think what I like most about the whole story is that it's just unique and extraordinary. The story of Kate and Vincent has got to be one of the most romantic and sweetest love story I've ever read. And mind you, I was really obsessing about Vincent.
With that I had the idea of doing a fansite, a fansite dedicated to Amy and her book/s. I wanted to create a site to discuss about Amy Plum and the Revenants. I want to share to the whole world the story of Kate, Vincent and the Revenants and how awesome Amy Plum is as a writer. 

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Revenant Week is a Promotional Blog Tour for Amy Plum and her Revenants series starting March 18 to 31. We are looking for Bloggers who can participate for the blog tour. If you love Amy and her book/s and would like to participate on the tour, please do sign up!

Share the love for Kate and Vincent. Have you read the book? If so. what do you think of Kate? Vincent? The Revenants? What made you love/hate the book? What do you think of Amy's writing? Are you looking forward to the next book?

Creating this site won't be possible without the help of Mia @ Girl about Books for the Banner & Buttons and ShabbyBlogs for the background.


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