Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Amy Plum!

Today we celebrate a wonderful occasion! It's the birthday of our beloved author Amy Plum. So I did a little research (Big Thanks to Google) I found out how to say Happy Birthday in French! Lets all greet Amy a Joyeux Anniversaire!

Joyeux Anniversaire! Joyeux Anniversaire!
Joyeux Anniversaaaaaire! Amy Joyeux Anniversaiiiire!

and in the occasion I gathered some of Die For Me fans to make this celebration spectacular!

 Jena @ Shortie Says
 Can you see what she's pointing at? it says To Catch a Revenant (plan)
I hope she doesn't plan to catch Vincent from Kate ;)

I totally loved DIE FOR ME! It's refreshing and unique and oh-so-romantic. Seriously, I'm not a zombie-lover BUT what can I do? I love the Revenants! And yeah, I'm a fan! So what does a successful, remarkable and best selling author wants for her birthday? I hope we know… and maybe we can be your genies or something :) Happy birthday and God bless you more in many ways!
- April @ Books4Juliet

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, I decided to take five to make up for this short birthday message. Happy, happy birthday Amy Plum! Thank you so much for creating Kate, Vincent, the whole world of Revenants, and most of all for existing. XOXO from the Philippines!
P.S. Please excuse my lack of artistic skills.
- Dea @ Teen Readers Diary

I was so shy that's why I'm covering my face haha Happy Birthday Amy! I bring you my virtual present, Macaroons! I know you love them so I'm sending them to you errm pictures for now :)


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